Started by kostas, January 11, 2013, 11:35:47 PM

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Hello everybody
I'm working more than ten years on embedded devices based on the earlier 8bit TINI platform (ex Dallas Semiconductors). TINI runs Java applications and supports a subset of Java 1.1 SE, plus specific hardware libraries. It also supports Native API in order to turn Assembly code into a java method.
Since TINI support and developent from Maxim Integrated has been stopped some years ago, i always keep an eye on newer technologies and i'm about to "port" my code on a new platform. 
I like OLINUXINO because of its open source technology, expandability as well as low cost.
From information based from Raspberry pi, it looks like A13 with 512MB RAM is the best choice in order to host a Linux distribution plus JVM SE.
Furthermore, i need Ethernet connectivity, so, i was wondering if UEXT ethernet cards are equipped with the suitable Linux drivers.
Some other extensions i will need is MOD-IO, MOD RS485-ISO, MOD-RTC (unless OLINUXLINO board has its own RTC)
i was also wandering if there are available Linux drivers for above extensions.
I would also be very grateful in having your advice on what is the best available and trouble free distribution in my purpose.

Best Regards



there are the following drivers->

MOD-IO = sun4i-gpio.c or gpio_aw.c
MOD-RTC = rtc-sun5i.c
ethernet = asix.c (for USB-to-Ethernet AX88772B)
RS232 = 8250_sunxi.c
RS485 = ?

i2c = i2c-sunxi.c
spi = spi_sunxi.c
wifi = rtlwifi/rtl8192cu (for Realtek RTL8188CUS-GR)

Debian is an optimal choice.  ;)


Thank you very much.
8250_sunxi.c is suitable for both RS232 and RS485

Best Regards