STM32-E407: “Hello World” example on PlatformIO

Started by ouilogique, August 19, 2019, 09:07:18 PM

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I am trying to make a "Hello World" example for the STM32-E407 board on PlatformIO with the Arduino framework but it doesn't work.

I am able to upload the project, but the LED never blinks.

I followed the instruction in the user manual to set the jumpers and everything I have made is detailed on this page:

Can someone help me to make this simple project work?


I replied similar over the e-mail. The upload completes successfully which means that it is likely a software or jumper position info.

The code looks alright, though I can't say about black_f407zg config, it might be not suitable. Maybe try other configs with 407 chip too.

Another problem that might be would be improper jumper position for code execution. You said you changed it but double check that if possible with multimeter tool in short circuit mode.

Aside from that maybe test directly with the Arduino IDE and our JSON package instead of PlatformIO (as described in chapter 7 of the user's manual of STM32-E407). Also report your problem and findings to the PlatformIO community directly.
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The problem was in the STM32 platform in PlatformIO. They solved the issue and you can see the working example here:

and the thread in the PlatformIO forum here:


Thank you very much for the update! Glad this got figured out!
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex