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Started by mdburmeister, September 13, 2018, 07:36:16 pm

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We just received 20 of the ESP32-POE, and none will work.  Our code runs fine on the ESP32-DEV and ESP32-GATEWAY boards.

Even this recommended sample fails:

It hangs in ETH.begin(), but even if this is removed, it crashes at various points.

Are these boards working?


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The boards are working but this example will not work with the ESP32-POE boards.

ESP32-GATEWAY, ESP32-EVB have different clock source compared to ESP32-POE. The ESP32-POE requires slightly different software to get the Ethernet working. We will do our best to provide such an example as soon as possible (we have an ISP-IDF example that we use during the production tests and we are working on an Arduino test). ESP-IDF example for the Ethernet is now available here:

Furthermore, future hardware revisions of ESP32-GATEWAY and ESP32-EVB would also implement this clock change that is seen in the ESP32-POE.
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Thanks for the IDF example!

To get the Arduino library working, just add these #defines before your #include <eth.h>:

#define ETH_PHY_POWER 12

This will make the ETH_LAN8720.ino sample work.

These boards are awesome.  Thanks Olimex!!


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