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Started by Jose Aparecido, January 27, 2014, 05:15:20 PM

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Jose Aparecido


Antecipamente I apologize if I can not properly express, my English is not very good, I am writing with the help of a translator ...

Got the EKG-EMG shield, could do some tests, but I'm finding his weird behavior, for example, is sending signal without making any movement, ie, I am intending to do testing for EMG examination. From what I observed in ElecGuru software is the standard for ECG.

The manual gives some tips, but does not go into detail on the type of examination, and in case I need to know how to EMG examination, the positions of the electrodes, etc...

I currently use Arduino Uno, and the shield that I acquired, as this is the link.

Thank you,

José Aparecido

Jose Aparecido

Hello to all,

Please, as previously mentioned, I need to know if something changes in Shield EKG / EMG, to use specifically for EMG, if I have to change some setting in jumpers, where can I find some document about it in the manual is not very clear about use for EMG.

Recalling that the model I have is quoted in this link:

Sorry, as I said, my English is not very good ...

thank you

José Aparecido


Joose lograste solucionar tu problemas tengo la misma duda me ayudas a solucionarla ?


>Joose lograste solucionar tu problemas tengo la misma duda me ayudas a solucionarla ? >Jose! Have you managed to solve your problems? I have the same issue. Can you help me solve it?

Jose, your post has been read more than 2000 times. People need help - but there doesn't seem to be any!

This is really sad. It concerns me!

Wish you luck.