ARM-USB-OCD-H Windows 10 64 bit Serial port driver

Started by, June 18, 2018, 02:58:22 PM

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Dear Sir,

Customer is using Windows 10 64 bit and has followed the below steps to install ARM-USB-OCD-H Serial port driver but not able to install. It has some error and not able to install USB Serial Converter B and shows OLIMEX ARM-USB-OCD-H (COMx) under Ports (COM & LPT);topic=5636.0
We have tried OLIMEX-FTDI-drivers-2-12-04 and latest 64 bit VCP drivers from FTDI website but it is not able to install.
Please advice where to download the working serial port driver for Windows 10 64 bit.
Thank you. 



As far as I understand the problem is related only to the usage and the drivers of the the serial port at the back of the unit. I assume that the JTAG programming works fine. So my instructions cover only the part after you have successfully installed the drivers of the unit for JTAG programming. I uploaded  6 screenshots here: on how to install the driver for the serial port under Windows 10 x64.

Quick list of things to do:

1. Most importantly first disable temporarily "Windows Driver Signature Enforcement" and do not restart the computer, else you would have to disable it again (the enforcement re-enables upon restart). If you don't know how read here:

2. Download and extract this archive with drivers:

3. In "Windows Device Manager" find the two entries for ARM-USB-OCD-H and locate which one is interface #0 and which one is interface #1. Manipulate only interface #1. Refer to pictures "1" and "2"

4. Right-click over interface #1 and manually point it to "ftdibus.inf" from the folder where you extracted the driver. To manually point: right-cick over the entry, select "Update Driver Software...", select "Browse my computer for driver software"; select the bottom option "Let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer"; click "Have Disk"; locate the file; click "Next"; install despite the red warning. Refer to picture "3".

5. Inspect "Windows Device Manager" again – a new interface "USB Serial Interface" would show up after the driver was changed. It should be missing a driver. Refer to picture "4". Point the new interface manually to "ftdiport.inf" located again in the folder where you extracted the driver (like you did in step 4 but for a different inf file this time around).

6. The serial port would now be properly installed and listed under Ports (COM & LPT) as "OLIMEX ARM-USB-OCD-H (COM xx)". (picture "6")

Now you have two different entries and interfaces associated with ARM-USB-OCD-H – one for the programming via JTAG; the other the serial port that we just installed.

The above was tested on Windows 10 x64. I also tested whether the serial port and the JTAG interfaces worked properly after the driver installation.

Best regards,
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex


I would suggest to use ZADIG Universal USB-Driver instead of the FDTI drivers. It works fine under Win10 and is also the favorite method given in the Olimex homepage of the probe. The other drivers you tell are depricated and should not be used under Win10.