A13 and MOD-IO2

Started by Bernd, January 24, 2013, 12:02:12 AM

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Has anybody connected an UEXT module MOD-IO2 to an A13 board? I installed the latest firmware but I olny get sometimes a 48 entry with i2cdetect, but when I try it a second time it is already gone.

I verified that the kernel is using 100kHz clock rate. Any ideas?


I played around with the firmware of the MOD-IO2 today and it seems it gets confused by the Linux I2C implementaion. Since the PIC on this board doesn't supprt debugging without some extra hardware, it is very hard to tell what is going wrong.


make sure you have latest firmware, check your cables and power supply, MOD-IO2 works fine with A13


Well, in my setup it doesn't.

I wrote a small test program with some basic I2C routines and installed it on my MOD-IO2 and that one is working fine, so it looks like the cable and the power supply are fine.

Maybe the kernel I'm using has some unusual I2C settings compiled it.

We also had a discussion about this in the UEXT forum: