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phantom keys

Started by khumarahn, June 13, 2018, 10:14:28 PM

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I'd be happy to send you the malfunctioning keyboard, but it isn't realistically possible. I used an electric heater to melt the glue and free the battery. That worked well, except that I underestimated the heat and melted some keys. Frustrated, I trashed the old keyboard. And a few hours ago a garbage truck took it away (this happens once in two weeks).

I guess, if someone else has such a problem, you can ask them for the keyboard. And if it does not happen again, it is only better.




I am also dealing with some keyboard issues: actually multiple ones, and I am still separating them out.

Some appear to be hardware key issues.  How did you remove your teres keyboard key without breaking it?

I am practicing on an old teres keyboard and I can't seem to get the keys to snap back in properly.  I worry I am breaking small bits of plastic on the retainers.  It seems to go differently depending on which side of the key I start prying it off from.

EDIT: results of my experiments are now at https://github.com/OLIMEX/DIY-LAPTOP/blob/rel3/HARDWARE/A64-TERES/TERES-006-Keyboard/replacing-keycaps.txt