Questions before I buy my first A13 Board

Started by Ricardo Brandão, January 04, 2013, 10:07:29 pm

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Ricardo Brandão


After google a lot looking for a board finally a found Olimex site and I plan to acquire an A13 OLinuXino.

My question is:

If I buy an A13-OLinuXino, an A13-OLinuXino-SD, connect the power supply, connect an VGA monitor, when I turn it on, I'll got the Linux console on my screen?

Or if I buy an A13-LCD7 and just connect on A13 board, the same happens?

Simple as that?




Hi Ricardo,

I bought the A13-OLinuXino and the SD card. Yes, if you insert the SD into the board and connect a VGA monitor and a power supply you will boot to a Debian system in console mode.

The LCD setup requires you to modify some files, you can check the wiki for the specific instructions.


Buy the Serial to USB cable as well, it's worth the $5 and will save you hours of frustration.  I would also suggest buying 1 or 2 extra Micro SD cards from your local computer store, because I guarentee you will eventually build your own kernel, or you will want to experiment with XFCE, etc. and the last thing you want to do is there there imagine SD cards all day long.

Last piece of advice, spend the extra money on the A13 with wifi.

Ricardo Brandão

Hi guys

Thanks so much for your inputs.

Cure, ok I'll buy A13 with WiFi.

Another question, with Serial Cabe will I be able to program the A13 from my Mac using ssh?

Is this the link for the cable?


the link is correct, if your mac have ssh client there should be no problem to login and work with A13