built kernel booting problem

Started by agri, January 20, 2018, 12:57:22 pm

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I would like to ask for help because I got a problem I could not fix. I have built a kernel according to this instruction ftp://staging.olimex.com/Lub-clients/A10_build/4-debian_3.4.90_release_3/A10_Lime_kernel_3.4.90+_building_description.txt.
The built kernel is almost working... but:
- it successfully boots after typing reboot in the console
- it does not boot after cold start of a board
- it does boot after cold start if I interrupted u-boot and typed "boot" in the console.

The difference in panic boot begins from these messages in the bool log:
< WRN:L268(drivers/usb/sunxi_usb/manager/usb_manager.c):ERR: usbc0 port_type(-65536) is unkown
< WRN:L426(drivers/usb/sunxi_usb/manager/usb_manager.c):ERR: check_usb_board_info failed
< WRN:L480(drivers/usb/sunxi_usb/manager/usb_manager.c):ERR: get_usb_cfg failed

Thank you for any help.