Is iceprog.ino for Olimexino-32U4 A or A3?

Started by mobluse, May 17, 2018, 11:42:32 AM

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Is iceprog.ino for Olimexino-32U4 A or A3? There are different revisions of Olimexino-32U4 e.g. A and A3. The difference is that D14 and D17 have switched roles. In iceprog.ino D17 is for a LED. On Rev.A D17 goes to UEXT pin 7 i.e. MISO, but on Rev.A3 to RXLED.
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It is for A3 revision. The iceprog.ino was not available back when revision A was produced. The iCE40 projects were started in 2016 and OLIMEXINO-32u4 hardware revision A was produced until 2014.

Edit: note that we are currently manufacturing hardware revision B of OLIMEXINO-32u4.
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