Difficulty Torrenting Teres Ubuntu Image

Started by starkwether, February 16, 2018, 07:23:58 PM

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Sorry to bother you guys but I'm trying to get a backup image of Ubuntu Mate for my Teres in the event(uality) I screw the OS up.

I've had the official torrent running for more than a day and it looks like there just aren't any peers.

Maybe there is a script to dump mmc to SD? Or just dd it? Any links to mirrors with hashsums for the zip?

Many thanks!


I was able to download it today. You can grab it from me
and check it against the torrent file (for hash verification).

There is a script to install to mmc, but if you want a dump of mmc to SD, you can use for example rsync. Like
rsync -xXaAhH / /sdcard-mount-point/backup


Weird... torrent hash specified is:


Self computed sha1 of the file I got from you is:


They're both "teres_ubuntu_mate_161117_v1_2.zip". The heck.
Hey Olimex, could I bother you guys for a checksum for teres_ubuntu_mate_161117_v1_2.zip ?

Definitely missing that mainline crypto core support for the A64, ha  ;D


Strange... What is the torrent hash? Why would you think it is sha1?

You should be able to check the file against the torrent with a torrent downloader such as transmission, and it should be cryptoraphically secure.


The torrent hash that Transmission reports is 79b6f3f7544d52f7df1dabb4485def074bf89d23. That's what I checked and posted. In Transmission its Properties > Information and it's listed right there...is that not the hash for the file?

It's SHA1 because it's 40 characters. md5 is 32 character output and SHA224, SHA256 and up are longer.

Why do people use SHA1 if it's been collision-able since 2010? :o


Torrents do not use normal hashes. They use Merkle trees, because then it is cheap to verify that a given downloaded piece is correct, without having the whole file.


That hash could be sha1, but not of the file.


QuoteThat hash could be sha1, but not of the file

My mistake, you are correct. The hash Transmission specifies under Properties > Information is an "Info Hash" which is not the same as the output of sha1sum-ing the fully downloaded file.


Quotecheck it against the torrent file (for hash verification).

So transmission-show foobar.torrent will decode a .torrent file's info, given you have transmission. Or you can use this bash script.

But there's only an infohash in that torrent file...How would you verify the integrity of a directly downloaded file just given the master .torrent file  :o


when you start the torrent, select as the destination directory the path where the downloaded file is. Start the torrent and wait for it to verify existing data...


You are right again, the file I got from you, whose SHA1 file hash is: 7bc4985ef338fbaca10eb74748f784e4708ea256 (file hash not info hash), checks out just fine. Why didn't I think of that? Thanks for your patience, haha.