Change debugger from ARM-USB-TINY-H to ARM-USB-OCD-H

Started by cliff, December 07, 2017, 04:14:34 AM

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I have used debugger ARM-USB-TINY-H to connect Eclipse to develop RISC-V. Now, I will change debugger to ARM-USB-OCD-H due to voltage. Where can I find openOCD config for ARM-USB-OCD-H or sample configuration file?



It should be pretty easy and straight forward to switch from ARM-USB-TINY-H to ARM-USB-OCD-H, just the script is slightly different. How to find the script?

In OpenOCD there are already configuration files for ARM-USB-OCD-H, too. Either check your existing OpenOCD folders or  download and extract this archive from the page of the product: (it doesn't matter that it was compiled for Windows, we only need the .cfg). Depending on the drivers that you use find olimex-arm-usb-ocd-h.cfg in either \scripts\interface or \scripts\interface\ftdi - or if you are unsure whether your OpenOCD configuration requires LibUSB or FTDI drivers test both cfgs.

If you are using Windows, let me know, I can give you tips for the driver installation.

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