PIC-32 HMZ144 Debug Problem.

Started by Ruppie, January 26, 2018, 08:31:33 AM

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i use your board together with MPLAB X and Harmony.
When i try to use debug mode to investigate my breakpoints i got the follwing error messages.

Programming/Verify complete
The target device is not ready for debugging. Please check your configuration bit settings and program the device before proceeding. The most common causes for this failure are oscillator and/or PGC/PGD settings.

I use Olimex Pic-kit3.

because i am an a beginner i got lost how to adjust , which settings to enable debugging .

Thanks for your helping hand in advance



Hello Marc!

Can you share a little bit more details about your setup (IDE and compiler version, revision of the board and which project)? Also is it ok with the programming? Because in my case with the demo on the web programming and debugging work fine.

If you are trying to make brand new project (either using Microchip Harmony configurator or from scratch) check the configuration bit ICESEL should have value ICS_PGx2.

You can also use the generator of configurations bits:
Main menu --> Windows --> Pic Memory Views --> Configuration bits
select the values of the bits and then "Generate Source Code to Output".

Stan, Olimex
May the Source be with You!