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nice kit

Started by spacedog, January 02, 2018, 04:08:45 AM

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I built TERES-1 kit a little over a week ago. complements to olimex on a really nice implementation of an open source laptop and optimising ubuntu mate distro to run on it effectively. This laptop isn't going to win any speed records, but as a portable lightwitght device it's really functional, battery life is great, silent operation, no moving parts, temps are good, the finished device looks very professional and refined product. I look forward to moding it with modules and expansions when they become available in the future.

I'd consider the build challenging, but manageable. it took me exactly 4 hours to build rushing through the steps. instructions were clear thanks to illistrations. most challanging parts for me were:

1: locating the mic (picture on p18 looks like 2 wires going into black circular hile in the metal keyboard plate)
2: attaching the LCD connector to the panel - no picture showing the connector attached had to take a leap of fate forcing this delicate connector.
3: wire routing page 30 - hardest part for meperhaps a little glue on the side cables would help stop them popping out before fitting the bazel, also getting the LCD wire out around the hinge was tricky, perhaps a closeup pic of this section would be helpful.
4: LCD/cam cable to mainboard. I brought my LCD cable around the hinge in such a way that closing the laptop would pull the cable clear of the socket, I had to remove the hinge to loop the cable under so thatthe hinge could move freely.

Hope this info is useful, thanks again, see you at FOSDEM next month.