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AVR-ISP-MK2 and AT89

Started by parsec, November 05, 2017, 12:34:59 PM

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Can the AVR-ISP-MK2 be used to program Atmel's AT89 series of MCUs? From my understanding, for ISP the only difference between AT89 and AVR is that the reset pin polarity is inverted. Reading the Atmel AVR-ISP MkII docs (PDF -- page 10) the Atmel programmer version can flash AT89 if so selected in Atmel Studio programming dialog. This option will cause the programmer to send inverted polarity signals to the MCU reset pin.

I see, however, that AT89 is not listed among supported devices on the Olimex AVR-ISP-MK2 product page so my question is simple, will this work with the Olimex programmer too?


There is a good chance that it would work but I can't say for sure. Never tested it. Can't find information about that at the LUFA pages nor in the software that I have installed.

From what I've read, even the original AVRISPMKII only worked with Atmel 8051 AT89S series (e.g. you needed special tool for AT89LP, so if you have to program AT89LP your question is already answered). It seems that some 8051 chips require own hardware and software tools, not sure if AVR-ISP-MK2 can work with some of the targets at all.

Generally if it was me I'd stick with the debuggers and programmers suggested here: http://www.atmel.com/products/microcontrollers/8051architecture/default.aspx?tab=tools

You might want to raise the question in the avrfreaks.net forums or post the question in the LUFA google group here: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/lufa-support

Would be interesting to share how this ended up.
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