SY8008C(AA)C replacement circuit

Started by ovdl, August 20, 2017, 03:34:09 PM

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I'm very interested in learning designing electronic circuits and PCB's. So I started with one and took a dive into the Eagle schematics from Olimex. Which I find awesome. However I noticed that the power circuit of the maxi design is using a SY8008C(AA)C, which when I search different component sellers, is hard to get. For example digikey doesn't have them.

Has any one an idea about getting a 3.3V rail? Can I just use 'any' circuits which will provide 3.3V or is there something special about the SY8008C(AA)C ? Like could I just replace the SY8008C(AA)C circuit with the (reference) TI circuit for the TI LM2830XMF/NOPB ?



Nothing really special about the SY8008 used here.  It just needs something that can provide sufficient current for the extra circuitry (particularly the Ethernet).  There is a comment in the MAXI docs that the iMX233 can generate the 3.3V rail but with a limit of 250mA, so this external DC/DC converter was included.


Hi Kean,

Thanks for your reply. That was indeed the reason I was looking to the DC-DC circuit. I've just completed the circuit for the LM2830XMF/NOPB to provide a 3V3 rail.

- Onno