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Started by kschan, July 12, 2017, 09:38:52 PM

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I'm having trouble just downloading the default images for the imx233. I've been following along with a handful of other links to no success. I tried using the torrent to download the newest arch release and there are no seeders or peers (0% availability). All the google drive links give me 404 errors. For example is supposed to have the newest debian images with kernel but I get an error screen from Google. Can't even use the google drive links for the sources if I wanted to compile myself. Tried this on many computers, seeing the same thing. Am I the only special snowflake with these problems? Thanks.


Hey, thanks for the report.

The direct download for the Debian image 3.11 kernel is now updated and should work fine. Check the wiki for a new link. The image however has no video or audio support out-of-the-box.

It is recommended to use the Archlinux image if you are interested in video or audio output. The torrent seems to work fine but the trackers are only udp. Make sure that your torrent client supports udp tracking. Try with another torrent client.

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Did google remove the file(s)?