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Olimex-STM32-E407 + power supply

Started by ssinfod, July 22, 2017, 04:49:24 PM

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I have a question.

The user manual says that we must power the STM32-E407 board with a Power Supply between 6 Volts and 16 Volts with maximum 1A.

Is there any danger for the board if I use a power supply of 12 Volts / 2A ?
What about 12 Volts / 3A ?

I always thought that the amperage listed in the spec was the minimum ?

Therefore, why the maximum of the transformator (power supply) should be 1A ?



It probably means the max draw would be 1A.  Yes you can use a PSU with more available.



As John said, you can use more powerful power supply adapter as long it is in the correct voltage range. However, you shouldn't attempt to draw more than 1A from it through the STM32-E407 - the board consumes far less, but you can have some other peripherals powered via the STM32-E407 that can consume a lot of current. Drawing more than 1A trough the board would damage it. If you have a power-hungry devices attached to the board consider externally powering them (not via the STM32-E407).

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