AVRISP MK2 drivers & WIN10

Started by hsieber, August 03, 2017, 12:15:50 AM

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I have followed the instructions in the manual, updated the drivers and I still can't get STUDIO7 to recognize the programmer:TCF (tool connect fail) MPLABCOMM_INVALID_HANDLE. Its like the drivers are not seen at all. I tried to check the drivers with the Zadig app mentioned elsewhere here, but it is no longer free (if it ever was) and will not scan for drivers, plus it wants to sneak in other crap with the download. The computer is an ASUS laptop, relatively new. IDE is STUDIO7 7.0.1417, avrisp is new & not modified. This is very frustrating, I am having problems with the Dragon as well, neither seems to work reliably on either of two computers (main comp is WIN XP, so it has to use studio6.2, same issues). This is particularly annoying since I had an original Atmel AVR isp that worked perfectly for years with AS4, AS5, AS6.0, but then it broke and now life is hard. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated..


In some cases, when you have a number of compatible drivers installed, an inappropriate one gets associated with the AVR-ISP-MK2 tool.

Here is a picture of how a working setup looks here:

You would probably need to manually switch to another driver to get it working: http://imgur.com/vysfmOs

I disabled the driver signature enforcement (you need to disable it again if you restarted your computer, it gets enabled automatically after restart). Then I right-clicked over the entry for the debugger in "Windows Device Manager" –> "Update Driver Software" –> "Browse My Computer For Driver Software" –> "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer" –> then a list of available drivers pops-up (refer to the this picture: http://imgur.com/SxtLZZZ ) and I selected the first entry –> "OK" –> "Next" –> if a warning pops-up ignore it –> "Finish". Then tested if this driver works; it didn't so I then started all over and selected the second from the list and tested again; I repeated it until I found the working driver from the list.
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