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ElectricGuru crash with MapleIDE example



I am trying to run the basic EKG-ElectricGuru example described on your website, however ElectricGuru keeps freezing as soon as I hit the start button.
My setup is the following:

* Olimexino STM32 + EKG shield with leads, factory hardware settings (Ref jumper open, 3.3V, D9, channel 1)
* Maple IDE v 0.0.12, default EKG-ElectricGuru example
* ElectricGuru v0.40
I have:

* Disabled drivers signing
* Installed Maple IDE
* Installed the dfu drivers delivered with Maple
* (not installed the serial driver, as it never asked for it and no device is unrecognized in the device manager - probably because I have already programmed similar devices with this computer)
* Changed my COM port setting from COM6 to COM2 to be able to open it from ElectricGuru
* Successfully compiled and uploaded the MapleIDE example to get EKG-ElectricGuru working on STM32, board Maple R3+ on Flash (tried RAM too), via port COM2. No errors, no warnings.
* The board resets and the orange LED flashes fast (10Hz?), the serial monitor shows bytes being sent (garbage, which is normal as binary decoding and correct baudrate would be necessary)
* Fired off ElectricGuru and set the serial port to COM2, then hit "Start" (green light)At that point ElectricGuru freezes without displaying anything. I tried displaying both channels or the first channel only from ElectricGuru, same result. I have also tried setting N_CHANNELS from the example to 1 or 2, and it doesn't work either (worse, the orange LED does not flash...).

What should I do to make it work?

Many Thanks


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