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Author Topic: Re: Issue with "RK3188-SOM Debian for microSD card - kernel 3.0.36+ - release #1"  (Read 1397 times)


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1. What happens when you try with just "sudo dd if=RK3188_debian_3.0.36_SD_release1.img of=/dev/sdb" ? Can you confirm the SD card reader is identified as /dev/sdb ("ls /dev/sd")?

2. Try to download and extract the image again.

3. Power the board sufficiently it might draw a lot of current at certain points during boot-up.

4. Do you also use RK3188-SOM-EVB or just the RK3188-SOM?

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I am trying to boot from the Debian SD card bought at Olimex. It still seems to boot from NAND.

Is there a setting (i.e. BIOS setting) that I must alter during bootup sequence to direct it to boot from the SD Card ?

Thank you.