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SPIFlash versions

Started by AlanD, November 20, 2016, 07:21:22 PM

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The versions of the SpiFlash libraries for Arduino have moved on since the iceprog.ino code was created.
The current (as of 20/11/16) is 2.5 and wont compile since some writePage/readPage functions have been deprecated.
Version 2.4 plain doesn't work. (Hangs after initial bulk erase during programming)
Version 2.3 Does work with current iceprog.ino code.


Version 2.2.0 worked for me. After endless hours of trouble with the newer versions I finally tried this one. It worked.


Agree 2.2 seems to be the one that works for me as well.

Following this forum message from the author of SpiFlash library

he seems to done things to speed up the library, in later versions.  So maybe now as well as the 2.5 change which broke things, the other ones are now going too fast for the wiring or the flash chip.

Also the 32u4 seems to drop off the serial chain a lot, have been doing  "ls /dev/ttyACM*" to make sure it has been seen after doing a reset to get it recognized again.  The 32u4 saves money but it sure is a brittle link in the tool chain.

Cheers Carl



Yes, you should use version 2.2.0. I wasn't aware that it isn't mentioned anywhere until I received a couple of e-mails.

I've now included instructions and pictures on the exact version of the library required for successful compilation. These went both in the GitHub pages here:

and also in the wiki:

and also as a comment in the .ino file itself:

Best regards,
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex


Hey, please would you update the documentation to refer to this link for version 2.2.0:

The project has since been renamed and a direct link to the old version would have saved me some time.

Also, please remove any references to it being possible to install via the Arduino library manager.  It must be installed as a .zip library.



Thank you very much for this notice and the solution. The wiki is now updated to reflect the changes. Let me know if you notice other discrepancy.
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex