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Started by lawsonkeith, October 18, 2016, 11:54:41 AM

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What's the range supposed to be on this? I was trying it at my office at work and in my house and it's about 4m at best with my Sony Xperia phone running the nRF UART app.  I'm  using the Nordic arduino example 'Hello_world'.  I've checked the transmit power is 0dbm in the XML script.  Is this range typical of Bluetooth LE in this scenario?

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Hey Keith,

The absolute maximum of the nRF8001 chip is 10 meters. If you check the datasheet provided by the chip's manufacturer you would notice that it is a class 2 device (Human Body Model: Class 2). The maximum possible range for this class of bluetooth device is 10 meters. This is the best possible range in a perfect board in a perfect environment (outdoor environment without any radio spectrum pollution).

5 meters is a typical range for the operation of the board while indoors and there is moderate frequency pollution present.

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