How to communicate with A13-OLinuXino

Started by schwegda, October 05, 2016, 10:43:58 PM

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I need help with my A13-OLinuXino. I am not able to communicate with the board over the USB-OTG interface. I use an A13-OLinuXino with the LCD-OLinuXino-7TS and boot android from a sd card bougt from OLIMEX. To power the board I use a 12V 0.5A power supply.

I tried to connect my board with a mac and windows computer and no of the devices recognized that there is something connected.. :( The idiea is to install an app with Android studio. But without connection to the board the system is useless. what am I doing wrong? Please help me


I just overwrote the SD card from OLIMEX with the first release of the android image. Now the USB OTG connection is avaliable but the screen is not fully displayed. It is shifted to the right by a quarter of the screen. Is there a way to fiy that?
Is there any bug known with the second release and the USB_OTG connection?