Help wanted in output routing, analog mic routing question of TWL5030

Started by Cinderella, October 07, 2016, 09:08:13 AM

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Hello, I hope I choose the right place to put forward my question.Because this has been bugging me for a long time:

I bought this IC Chip  from kynix electronics TWL5030A2ZXNR one year ago, Nowadays I began to work on my test, then the problem occured.
In registers:

How the routing supposed to be working,
in case of the outputs:
Take the Earpiece description, since all of these have similar explanation:

Earphone output (EAR): Voice, audio L1, audio L2, or audio R1 can be routed to the output separately (only one enable bit at 1); or voice can be mixed with audio R1, audio L1, or audio L2 and routed to the output (EAR_VOICE_EN = 1, EAR_AR1_EN = 1, EAR_AL1_EN = 1, or EAR_AL2_EN = 1).

What does this means?
Does it means something like this:

Voice --------->| |
AR1 --->| | |MIX|---> EAR out
AL1 --->|MUX|-->| |
AL2 --->| |

Meaning that VOICE can be mixed with only one of the AR1, AL1, AL2?


Voice ->| |
AR1 --->| |---> EAR out
AL1 --->|MIX|
AL2 --->| |

So is it possible to route to the Earpiece output for example: VOICE + AR1 + AL2 (mixing these)

Also for the input side:

From the ANAMICL register's description:
Analog microphone left: Main microphone, headset microphone, carkit microphone, or auxiliary left microphone can be routed to the input of the A/D converters separately (only one enable bit at 1).---cut---

Does this means that these are MUX-ed:
MAINMIC --->| |
AUXL --->| |---> ADC
CKMIC --->| |

or can they be also MIX-ed?
MAINMIC --->| |
AUXL --->| |---> ADC
CKMIC --->| |
What should i do ? Or did i do something wrong? Any suggestions or ideas would be very helpful,Thanks a lot.