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Started by ramachre, December 19, 2012, 08:16:24 PM

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I got my new pic18f67j60 based pic-web board. The default firmware shipped with the board does not pick up the IP and the LED's on magjack do not glow. Also No matter how many times i press the button and reset pins the board does not get in to configuration mode. All that the board does is glow the LED. I then downloaded the modified Microchip's TCP-IP Stack 5.42 from location mentioned on olimex site and built the project from the mcp files in the downloaded location. I still see the same behaviour. I was expecting the bord to work out of the box but looks like it is not the case. Any help in making me get started with the pic-web board is highly appreciated.


the usual questions are:
what power supply do you use? check with multimeter and let us know
what LAN cable do you use?


1) 5V DC power supply is connected to the board.
2) I tried with both patch cable and cross cable. But no luck.
What is really surprising is that it does not even get in to the configuration mode once the buttons are pushed.


Debugged this further and discovered that the olimex board is being reset continuously. I started putting a message on to the serial port when the board is reset and found the message being sent to serial port continuously. I am guessing that this could be because of two things:
1) The reset pin on the board is bugged up.
2) The input voltage is 5.6V DC.

Has any one faced such problems with olimex board?.


This is fixed now. The culprit is 5.6V DC. After changing this to get the power from pickit3 the board does not reset anymore and Ethernet works fine.