Does DUINOMITE support color graphics and text?

Started by glennmite, October 22, 2016, 10:07:38 PM

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 :-[  Does the Duinomite-Mega support color graphics and text like the MAXIMITE sbc???

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT-!!!!!!!!  If not I am returning mine to AMAZON

I don't know if it is a language barrier between Bulgarian and English but I cannot make sense of the DM-Basic reference and I cannot find any specific reference if MM-Basic 4.7 (WITH color commands) can be run on the DUINOMITE-Mega.



The nice thing of open source hardware and open source software: You can see what it can and what it cannot, before you decide to buy a product. On the schematics of the Duinomite Mega you can see that the RGB (Red Green Blue) pins are connected to each other on the VGA connector. So the hardware is not prepared to show colors at least not on the VGA connector. Personally I never used the composite video output, but I guess it will also only support the black and white version of the software.

In my opinion you should not blame Olimex for the incompatibility. They support OPEN hardware and OPEN software (DMBasic 2.7 is still on GITHUB). It was Geoff Graham who decided to CLOSE his MM-Basic since version 3.x, because he wanted to sell his own hardware.

In my opinion you should never buy 5 years old hardware to run software of today. For my applications based on the Duinomite Mega and the old OPEN version 2.7 of DMBasic it is still a great product. I upgraded DMBasic to a kind of CANBasic and Basic is only used as a scripting language to configure the applications.


Thanks for the reply Kees!  Yes this is the answer I expected because I tried both the composite and vga hookup. I have the Colour Maximite and I know that works-when I didn't see any comparable commands in DM basic it was a disappointment.
So even if the R G B leads were positioned on the proper VGA pins I doubt it would make color text a possibility. I will see if that can be done..
I do like all the installed headers and connectors on the Duino-Mega (something the Color Maximite could benefit from). I did not know that the Duinomite-Mega was a 5 year old product!

I did read that CAN output can generate "red,green,blue,yellow"- I believe thru a add-on generator chip.
I am thinking now I will keep it for a project.


Just for the record: for my appliations I don't see CAN as an interface to a color HMI, but just as an industrial and automotive network. I do agree that color HMI's with CAN exist, but the DMBasic CAN commands as they are available right now don't support such HMI's.