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Started by robvanschelven, April 12, 2016, 10:57:12 AM

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I received an A13 + WiFi module and wanted to download the firmware.
I discovered that the download link is a torrent file. I am new to torrents but installed uTorrent. However the download does not start. And if i understand well its because there are no seeds.

Can someone help / advise me how to get the image?

Thanks in advance!


This usually seems to be that the torrent is blocked between you and seeder(s) e.g. by your ISP.

That means the work around needs to be at your end.



Thanks JohnS for your reply!

With my initial settings i tested other tor files and could download without any problem. But the A13 image from olimex remain a problem. Then i activated uPnP in my cable modem and the download started.
By the lack of time I didn't took the time to understand why.

Thanks, Rob

Could you please send me the Image file for A13 olinuxino Micro