How to get the linux kernel version 2.6.28.y.git to build android on imx233

Started by harishg92, October 23, 2012, 08:52:25 AM

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Hi, i need the linux kernel 2.6.28.y for building android on imx233. Olimex is  given below but it is not available there.
git clone git:// kernel_imx.

Please help me where i can get this linux kernel.

Thanks in advance,
Harish G


Any specific reason  for downgrading ? 2.6.35 is what patches are provided for and is fully supported.

If you downgrade you will have to repatch the files.


Reason to use 2.6.28.y is based on the product page link as below suggest to do so and we are blindly following it as text book.

We try with the 2.6.35 hoping the same patches supports.

Harish. G