Olimexino 85BC SLEEP_MODE_PWR_DOWN takes 0,5mA

Started by elRadish, February 15, 2016, 03:05:18 PM

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I just received a 85BC and tested power consumption with power from a LiPo Battery.
Even in SLEEP_MODE_PWR_DOWN it doesn't go below 0,5mA, I expected it to be much less.

No LEDs are on.
What could be the problem? Is the charging circuit drawing any current?

My multimeter measures currents of 0,01mA without problems, I tested it with some resistors.


I tried now with a Olimexino 85

After removing the PWR-LED, current goes down to 0,05mA. With power LED, it stays at 1mA.

That's not what I expected from Ultra-Low-Power...