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PIC32-HMZ144 demo: build error

Started by FrankBuss, February 26, 2016, 09:02:02 PM

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I downloaded the project and opened the project at PIC32-HMZ144-demo_v2\apps\usb\device\PIC32-HMZ144\firmware with MPLAB X v3.15, then clicked "Run->Build project", but it failed with this message:

make[2]: *** No rule to make target '../../../../../../bin/framework/peripheral/PIC32MZ2048ECG144_peripherals.a', needed by 'dist/pic32mz_ec_sk_int_dyn/production/PIC32-HMZ144.X.production.hex'.  Stop.

Full build output (with clean before, but doesn't work either) :


Looks to be a file from Harmony.

You may need to change the path, assuming you do have the file somewhere on your disk.  (I have it but I'm on Linux.)



Thanks, looks like this was the problem. I had Harmony installed, but I started only the setup file and assumed that it is then installed, but I missed some of the 19 required manual installation steps, which are described here (bit outdated, because I couldn't find the "Harmony Help" plugin anymore) : Then it still didn't work, I had to open "Tools->Embedded->MPLAB Harmony Configurator" and click the "Generate Code" button, which was only possible after setting the project as "Main Project" and after fixing the path to the Harmony installation, guessing it was C:\microchip\harmony\v1_06_02, which was right.

Now it compiles and I can start it. After opening the BRD file in Eagle, I figured out where pin 1 was for the UEXT connector and with my oscilloscope I could measure that the serial port was running at 9600 baud, which I didn't found anywhere documented. I formatted an 8 GB SD card with FAT32 and this didn't work, exFAT didn't work either, but looks like the rest works. I get this message for the SD card test on the serial port (I copied the file "FILE_TOO_LONG_NAME_EXAMPLE_123_1.JPG" in "Dir1" as explained in the readme file) :

SD card demo started!
Insert SD card to start!
SD card demo finished! A problem has occurred!

Silly me, I expected click the compile button and then the run button and everything works :) I'll try to find some other SD cards.


Ok, found the problem, was my fault: I copied the file in the Dir1 folder, but there has to be a file "FILE_TOO_LONG_NAME_EXAMPLE_123.JPG" in the root folder, which then is copied to the Dir1 folder.

Another problem: When using exFAT, it creates Dir1 and only a file "FILE_TOO_LONG_NAME_EXAMPLE_123_1.JPG" with 0 bytes length. But when formatting the SD card with FAT32, it works.


Well done.

I hate Harmony - rarely was anything so bad given such an otherwise nice name.