AVR-JTAG-USB-A Will not connect...

Started by bwaggoner4052, February 22, 2016, 01:07:49 PM

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I have recently purchased an Olimex JTAG device and cannot get it to connect to ANY of my four PCs. The one I particularly want it connect to is running Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit. Software used to try and connect to the device is AVR Studio 4.19. I have deleted completely my antivirus, reinstalled my OS, everything from simple to extreme...nothing. However, when I attach the device to the PC it is identified and the necessary drivers are installed along with COM port assigned. I can verify the COM port is in fact assigned to my JTAG device because I can unplug it and see it disappear from device manager.This can not be this difficult. Any assistance someone can give would be greatly appreciated as I am at the point of wanting to trash this device and find something else that works...


Is there seriously no one who uses this device not familiar with any reasons as to why my device manager will see it but not my Studio Software...?


At a guess (I avoid Windows) it may be like so many other Windows+USB issues.

The usual fix is to use zadig - there are lots of posts on the forum.



JohnS, let me first say thank you for taking the time to respond. I am simply astonished that no one has been able to provide anything on this matter except yourself. I realize now I should have likely mentioned that I have gone the Zadig route as I seen that on another post on a different site. I also have an Xilinx Platform USB tool that works perfectly on the same cable and same machine in question. Of course that tool uses Vivado where this tool uses Atmel Studio. I have been on this problem for close to a week now with zero success. I am at the point where I am realizing I just need to spend the money and buy a product that is maybe a little more robust and most certainly easier to configure... Thanks again.


You're welcome - though I'd be happier if it had worked!

I wonder if avrdude would work?

It has a messy command line syntax but has always been OK for me.

If it does you can probably get the studio to use it.




You need to have your target AVR attached to the debugger. Make sure that the target has JTAG interface and the lines are properly established. The target needs to be powered. Also the COM port of AVR-JTAG-USB-A needs to be between 1 and 9.

After these requirements are met - try the connection again. I've just tested AVR-JTAG-USB-A with AVR Studio 4.19 under Windows 10 x64 and it works fine.

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