NAND Android or linux boot does not work with HW rev.E

Started by pepahajek, February 15, 2016, 04:48:47 pm

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I just got twenty lime A10 boards. I am using them for custom linux distribution booting from NAND. The last revision fully working was C, but now using the same image it cannot boot even on the serial line is not any output writen. Also official android image (A10_lime_android_nand_preliminary_rtl_ralink_wifi_480MHz_release3.img) is not also working.

What changed with NAND circuit in the E. revision? I cannot find any newer HW revision change log than until Rev.C.


Yes I checked up schematics of both revisions C. and E. however I was not able to find out the difference which could affect booting from NAND. No changelog there. It seems to be same circuit around NAND in both revisions but something else had to be change...

Quote from: JohnS on February 15, 2016, 05:34:20 pm
Tried here?

I see rev E.




The thing is that we no longer Android to the NAND memories of our Allwinner boards during production. This leaves boot sectors undefined. To resolve the issue first launch the LiveSuit/PhoneixSuit and install fully or partially the Android to the NAND. Then the boards would behave as previously.

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