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Started by Cure, December 12, 2012, 08:00:43 AM

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I am trying to use a USB UVC camera with Debian, but I can't get it to work.  I am new to Linux and have been searched google all night, but I'm stuck.  When I plug the webcam in to ubuntu it shows up as /dev/video0 so I know it works.  When I plug the camera into the A13 it says:

"usb 2-1.3: new high speed USB device number 6 using sw-ehci"
/dev/usbdev2.6 shows up

I have installed uvccapture successfully:
# apt-get install uvccapture

When I try the uvccapture command it gives an error:
# uvccapture -d/dev/usbdev2.5 -x640 -y480 -t10 -owebcam.jpg -q95
ERROR opening V4L interface
: No such file or directory

Everything I've read says to start troubleshooting with lsusb, but that gives an error as well:
# lsusb
-bash: lsusb: command not found

Does the A13 support UVC cameras?  Any ideas what I need to do, to get this working?

Please help.


lsusb is standard not on the device. i think this is also the problem for V4L, try searching for those two packages with apt-cache search and install them with apt-get install

edit: i think you need the: apt-get install v4l-conf 


I found a website for Rasberry Pi that might hold the answer:

It looks like UVC and v4l are turned OFF in the kernel .img I downloaded from the wiki.  I built a new kernel and will test it when I get home.  If it works I will post instructions on what I did.  It's a shame I had to spend all day searching the Internet for an answer, I've never used Linux before and the steps to build your own SD card on the wiki don't really work or I would have seen the answer sooner. 

Good product Olimex, but far too complicated for the average person... :(