PIC-P67J60 and RFID Writer / reader possibilities ?

Started by mmayr@mmm-it.com, February 04, 2016, 09:24:24 AM

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we realised quite a few tests with the PIC-P67J60 Prototype boards and now I want to add some RFID /READER/WRITER to it .... my RFID Reader Writer has a PC library and comes on USB version ... are there any RFID reader/writers allready tested on this kind of PIC ? Anybody who has allready done this developement ?

Best regards and in hope to some help and information, somebody must have had allready experience with that ?



I've built RFID tags with MSP chips, but I usually use DSP's for the read side.  What frequency is the RFID running and how do you intend to talk to it with the PIC?