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UART in mod rfid 1356

Started by refiloe.kunene@veolia.com, November 16, 2015, 09:27:33 AM

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I bought the mod rfid 1356 box , i want to connect it to arduino using serial communication . The problem that i am facing is according to the documents provided to us i can only READ on UART mode i cant send commands . how i can I read and send commands on UART mode  . Please help

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You can't send commands to MOD-RFID-1356 while in UART mode. The firmware inside the unit does not allow it.

However, you can do that in USB CDC mode. If you want to change the parameters of MOD-RFID-1356 you need to switch from UART to USB CDC mode, enter the parameters you want and then switch back to UART.

Note that the behavior of MOD-RFID125-BOX is different (MOD-RFID125-BOX also allows sending configuration strings in UART mode).

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