The critial results of testing current 3188 SOM and kernel. Attention OLIMEX CEO

Started by delphi, September 30, 2015, 12:07:34 PM

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Hi. Our small company from Moscow chose the 3188 SOM for installing to products.
Our engineers tested all kernel forks made by you from 14th year and module with base board.
It seems that next info will be usefull for every community member. I suggest to pay an attention to Olimex CEOs and engineers. It seems that now you are selling one of the most bad product I ever saw at the embedded computer market. So read next:
1. You current kernel core was forked in 14th year and doesn't have a big amount of bug fixes made my Radxa community which was very active and try to fix mane 3188 kernels bugs. So now kernel working bad in case of USB.
2. You didn't work together with Radxa community and you current kernel state is not able to merge with all bug fixes for 3188 so to make your board working more reliable the good embedded linux engineer must apply your pathes to Radxa kernel and this is the one possible scenario to make this board working
3. But if you want to create the real embedded device with USB camera, audio, some serial adapters, bluetooth and wi-fi so this plan will be failed because even the Radxa kernel working bad if you want to use multiple devices on USB. So next work must be done to fix it.
4. Selling the 3188 SOM you should understand that you sell a very unreliable board with very weak kernel full of bugs. The Olimex community is weak and it seems that there is not even the Olimex engineers specialized on 3188 CPU.
5. The way to obtain the working 3d graphics at this board also need in engineer stuff. And the real working scenario was posted by Radxa community only. There is not 3d at current image of Olimex.

Laskov Constantine

Good evening dear co-citizens.
Some time ago i tried to build kernel for my SOM. I had made different kernel configurations including default, tried different CMDLINE parameters/parameter.img and sdboots images from different origins. The SOM doesn't start at all.
I sold multitude issues connected with bugs in rootfs creation and other connected with mistypes in wiki, and  finally. I created sd images that are very similar to provided by rockchip. But it doesn't work, I don't now why. I have an experience of successful kernel build for raspberry and for my PC, I'm not completely newbie. Maybe there are the same troubles:
I don't want to solve problems that born from luck of support quality.
Additionally, I have some unsolvable problem with my debug uart - look my posts. Bad support/absence of VGA support.
Olimex's support completely keeps silent, so now I'm looking for the way to return my SOM to Olimex.
I think we can cooperate and make common package to Bulgaria and demand for refunds.
B.R. Constantine Laskov.
Call me if you interested: 8 965 318 22 82.