Trying to get XWindows running on AM3352

Started by laser_dude, October 06, 2017, 07:23:23 PM

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Hello. I have an AM3352-SOM-EVB. I'm trying to setup XWindows on this unit (currently using VGA output, but eventually want to move to the LCD module), but so far it's not working. I did a
> sudo apt-get install xorg
> sudo apt-get install gnome-core

but when I do
> startx
it fails with a segmentation fault. Furthermore, when I reboot, the system hangs, and I am not able to use the system again until I reflash the SD card without the installed changes. Has anyone had XWindows running on this unit, or know what I can do to get past these issues? Thanks in advance!

Update: I also tried installing xfce4; startx failed again with a segmentation fault, and the logged error was "Got disconnected from D-Bus. Unless this happened during session shutdown, this is probably a bad thing." The system didn't hang when rebooting, but neither USB nor networking would work after that.

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I am working with AM3352 platform and trying to port the X-window system (Xorg) packages.

I am confirmed that Xorg will run on AM3358-EVM. I expected Xorg for AM 3358EVM to work as it is on the AM 3352 platform. However, it fails to start because there is no GPU.

On AM3352 platform, the frame buffer "/dev/fb0" already works, and the the character display on the screen is working without problem.