Can I install TWO software packages on one PIC ??

Started by praxidice, November 22, 2015, 01:09:04 AM

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As noted elsewhere, this is my first foray into PIC programming, consequently my questions are immediately relevant to my level of understanding even of they appear crazy to experts. Rather than waste time stuffing around with things about which I haven't a clue, I figure its best to ask questions of people who (hopefully) can provide a quick answer.

I have an Olimex PIC-GSM and notice there are two software packages listed, one to do with TCP/IP and the other to do with remote control. Is it possible / feasible to install BOTH packages on the same PIC-GSM devices so they are both functional ??  I assume that the fact the board comes with a GSM module and two relays means the designer intended it to recognize both TCP/IP and remote control functionality, so why the need for two different software packages anyway ??

Am I looking making mountains out of mole-hills by concerning myself about the two different software packages and by wondering about programming the unit, ie does one or both of the standard software packages provide all the internet connectivity and remote control functionality needed without any requirement to stuff around with programming the thing ??


It's possible (if there's room) but maybe it's beyond your current abilities.