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3D shape female connector

Started by oldpenguin, March 17, 2015, 06:40:03 PM

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I'm looking for 3D shape for the 50 mils female connector FEMALE-YAV36P-2X20.
Have you already designed a 3D shape for this ?



no, we still didn't do anything with this connector, but we work intensively with KiCAD now and got completed 4 new boards for a week :) so after a while I guess all components we have now in our custom Eagle libraries will be re-done in KiCAD


hi Olimex  :),
if you need to export KiCad boards to mechanical or just to do enclosure designing, you may consider useful the 'kicad StepUp' script
this tool just converts 3D pcb and assemblies to 3D STEP mechanical model for ECAD / MCAD collaboration

the workflow is very simple and it doesn't effect the normal way of working with KiCad, the only requirement is to drop Wings3D as modeler and use FreeCAD or any other mechanical sw
Also standard on line libs or manufacturers 3D models in STEP are fully usable

Moreover, HyOzd and me, have developed a parametric 3D model library for the most common SMD parts
The models are built by a FreeCAD script, so the result it is exactly as in datasheet dimension/parameters

Please have a try at
and have a look at the project description at Hackaday
here a small video on the 3D conversion between KiCad and MCAD (Rhinoceros)