How to use the electrodes

Started by biohacker, September 15, 2015, 09:11:04 am

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Hello guys:

I am planning to start a project with an EEG, however I have no idea how to use the electrodes on your head other that the forehead (areas where you have hair) do you need to construct a helmet or some sort of band to keep them in place?

Thanks in advance.


Basically you do not have to care about hairs electrodes are non-contact but what you need to care about is movement. Just imagine: you are 'scanning' one or 5 direct places on your head. The signal is sum of neuron-cell signal from that region, so if it moves you will get sum from different cells. You can just use
or any kind of band you can create. If you are just playing you do not need to care about small movement but if you are going to use it for example BCI it will be a problem.

Good luck :)