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Started by forevel, October 06, 2015, 10:55:54 AM

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Good day to all of you!

I've bought an am3352-som-evb recently and trying to make all steps listed in "Building Debian AM3352 SOM" document. As I reached to step where I should download a torrent and get a file named "FileSystem for AM3352 Debian with 3 12 - release 3" I've got a mistake with my uTorrent 2.2.1 client - it said that "Connection timed out". Nevertheless other torrents that have tcp links in their path to trackers working well. It seems that the trouble is in the udp protocol used to describe torrent trackers.
Is there a way to put files meant in "Building Debian AM3352 SOM" document to some public servers or something similar? As long as I receive these files I can make them public for direct download by other people.

Thank you for your help!




Am3352-debian-3_12_FS_release_3.torrent should work properly.

Try with a newer version of uTorrent.  The latest stable one is 3.4.5 build 41162.

Consider that your company or ISP might block torrents and contact the network administrator.

We used to have direct downloads but they had more downtime (since we have ~ 50 ready-to-use images with at least 4GB of size and every hosting company has hidden bandwidth limits even if you are using the best subscription plan). 

Best regards,
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Thank you for your answer!

I'll try to make a dialog with our system administrator to open udp
As of bandwith - I could be satisfied with any speed but not to go to my sysadmin :)