Booting ubuntu from NAND

Started by X-627, October 16, 2015, 07:38:44 PM

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I've been trying to build the ubuntu image, using the wiki, however after building the kernel, parameter file and boot img and linux, I can't pack and update the image into update_tmp.img and update.img, respectively. in the wiki it asks for a package-file (which I did make and set up according to wiki) and it fails to read it and which in turn leads to failed update, I'm still not sure where to get the Bootloader (RK3188Loader) from as there are a few sources online. but yeah basically it fails this last step and I can't go beyond that, also do I need to make rootfs image again even after I've downloaded a prebuilt and followed build instructions.

So just to be clear my questions are:
1. Where to get RK3188Loader
2. DO I have to Make rootfs image after building from prebuilt linaro
3. How to fix "package file read fail" when I run ./afptool -pack . update_tmp.img
4. How to update image (./img_maker -rk31 RK3188Loader 1 0 0 update_tmp.img update.img) without getting "Invalid RK3188Loader" error




Not sure if you still need it.
To enter programming mode, press REC button, connect micro usb cable, release REC button)
Unzip and then run
sudo ./upgrade_tool uf RK3188_debian_3.0.36_NAND_release1.img
or with any other image.
I advise you to test this procedure with existing images before proceeding to building your own one.
I haven't tested the package procedure yet, so I can't tell you about it.