Cannot get USB HID Device to work using STM32CubeMX and IAR (nor Eclipse/GCC)

Started by bass, October 15, 2015, 01:47:02 AM

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Hi guys, i'm new to the ST chips and its toolchains.

I have an STM32-H405 and i'm trying to use STM32CubeMX configurator to make a base project which I import into ST's Workbench OR directly into IAR IDE/Compiler. I'm using it in combination with ST's latest firmware package v1.8.

All i'm trying to do is to have the board show up as a HID device, i'm pretty much done as soon as that works, but I either get no device listed in the device manager (windows 7) OR I get "Unknown device", device was stopped etc and no identifiers will show in the properties.

Could anyone give me some pointers or send me the most basic preconfigured STM32CubeMX project with settings to enable the USB port (and have it properly register in the device manager) ?

(The board DOES work with the H405 example project, but i've been trying for two days now using CubeMX without any luck)



ok, since this forum is kind of dead, i'll post the answer myself.

Turns out v-sense was enabled in the cubemx USB settings, disabling it made it all come to life.