A13 is not turned on

Started by Ted87, October 22, 2015, 08:24:31 PM

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I bought A13 and brought it home. I inserted SD card with debian. I connected monitor. After that I connected the keyboard to usb. After that I connected power supply 6V and 1A plus inside, minus outside. After that I pressed pwd button near power supply connection. And nothing. Only red LED is on. That's all. Monitor doesn't show that there is something. What do I do wrong?


6 volts is maybe to low try 9 or 12 volt


Thank you for your time. But the adapter is 1A so will be it ok 1A and 9V?


I tried 9 and 12V the result is the same.


Which A13?  Wrong voltage for some... which will cause damage.

Not enough current for others.

Usually (always?) the user manual tells you what you must do.



A13 Olenuxino. I tried with different power supply - result is the same. I've read all user manual. There is no step step what to do to turn it on.