Impossible to build kernel accordinly Olimex's WiKi instructions

Started by Laskov Constantine, February 07, 2016, 08:24:27 PM

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WiKi's instructions are old and lack of details

WiKi's info are wrong
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Kernel doesn't boot
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Laskov Constantine

If you try to build kernel accordingly to WiKi, you could mention that this is impossible: many errors in process, old toolchains, and dead kernel as a result.
I created an article, where I corrected WiKi's errors and updated some information. I guarantee to you, that you definitely build working kernel, if you will make all exactly as it is said in my article. If not, write to me, and I will correct my article or give you an explanation.

So my article you could find here:

Info: I'm working on a machine under Ubuntu 15.10 64 bit version.

Constantine Laskov.

Laskov Constantine

I added some new info and fixed errors (all commands on fresh-installed Ubuntu 15.10 I tested by myself)

Laskov Constantine

I added complete script for building kernel and preparing bootable SD image.
Also It has some additional options.