MSP430-JTAG-TINY-V2 with MSP430F5324

Started by thillaielayaraja, November 14, 2012, 02:15:34 pm

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Dear All,

We recently purchased the MSP430-JTAG-TINY-V2 for programming the MSP430F5324 chip. We thought that, it could be used to program all the variants of MSP430Fxxx chip, but I could not locate the MSP430F5324 from the Olimex MSP430 Programmer GUI. Is there any suggestion on the same?

Thillai Elayaraja S


Just seen the Readme_MSPPROG.txt from the application directory, where it has been mentioned to add new MSP430 devices to the olidev.ini file. Hope it would be supporting. Thanks.


Hello Thillai,

MSP430F5xx processors are now supported by the firmware. Make sure you have the latest firmware by updating as shown here: Then follow the how-to in the Readme_MSPPROG.txt.

Best regards,
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex