EmBitz: Green Yellow Red Green Blinky for Olimex STM32-P152

Started by UFOs_R_Here, June 09, 2015, 03:33:36 PM

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Hello All,

Here's a really simple blinky program for the Olimex STM32-P152 development board (derived from Ursava's Em::Blocks IDE usage tutorial). The code blinks all four LEDs in sequence: Green0 (slow), Yellow (faster), Red (really fast), Green1 (smoke'n fast), repeats, ad infinitum, ad nausem. 

Project compiles using the Em::Blocks EmBitz (beta) multi-target IDE & (bare-metal) compiler, all of which are available on the Em::Blocks website at: www.emblocks.org

The EmBitz blinky project code is peazip'd and may be downloaded from:

Download EmBitz, install, click on the blinky project file, build...blink blink blink! (Oh...it helps to have an Olimex STM32-P152 LCD+4LED prototype-area development board also.)


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