Started by swahren, August 23, 2015, 11:44:03 AM

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Last week i bougth me a MOD-LCD6610 in order to play a little with the FBTFT framework. Yesterday i started writing a driver for the Epson S1D15G00 LCD controller, because this code looks very hacky to me.

Unfortunately it seems that nobody tested the FBTFT framework on MXS platform, because FBTFT crashed with a NULL pointer dereference during boot :-( So i will need to fix these issue first, before i can post any results.


I tried FBTFT with MOD-LCD3310 about a year ago. I compiled FBTFT as
a module (using the openwrt toolchain) and the module loaded fine.
However I didn't get any output on the display, not with FBTFT nor
with the code from olimex. So either I bricked the display or got
something else wrong. Since I never used SPI before and don't have
any other SPI hardware this was difficult to debug for me and I
gave up and used MOD-LCD1x9 instead.

However I will be very interested to read about your results.


Debugging SPI usually requires at least a logic analyzer and the MOD-LCD6610 doesn't support any SPI data read (only data write).


Since my bugfixes for fbtft has been applied to today, i pushed the a initial working version of my driver:


Here the necessary kernel config options:


Here the modprobe call:

modprobe fb_s1d15g00


After the last changes in my repo, it is possible to connect the display direct to Olinuxino board via UEXT connection.

Next steps would to rebase and submit the driver to mainline.