iMx233 quick question

Started by tomasmigone, November 25, 2012, 04:29:31 PM

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Hi, just a quick question.
Im begining development with olinuxino maxi (first time with embedded linux). i already have arch linux booting from it.
for our project we need the olinuxino to display a window with one or two buttons on it, and some graphs.
it doesnt need to have fancy graphics at all.
what's the easiest way (lib, gui, etc) arround it?


First of all, where do you want to display the graphics? Will your display be on TV PAL/NTSC video output, or via UEXT interface? If the case is the first, you may try QT libraries or GTK, which both work on top of the framebuffer, so no X server (desktop environment) required,so less memory required. But I don't know if iMx233-olinuxino has sufficient memory even for this. The second option though is by using something like this.


Sdl library works very nice and it is easy.